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Get the details regarding IGNOU Distance MBA Programme. Are you searching for IGNOU distance MBA course details 2107, then you have been on the right place. Here we provide you the detailed information about distance MBA programme in IGNOU. Distance Learning MBA offered by IGNOU, is one of the most “in Demand” distance learning courses in India.  It is also ranked at a very significant position among the universities offering Master of Business Administration course in the distance Learning mode

The Indira Gandhi National Open University offers distance Master of Business Administration (MBA) programme to the learners from India and abroad twice in a year. It’s a 2.5 years master degree programme in management studies which has divided into five semesters. The students can choose only 4 courses in each semester for study.

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IGNOU MBA Course Details

About Course

Along with traditional MBA Programme IGNOU also offers MBA in (B & F); also known as IGNOU MBA (Banking & Finance). This programme focuses on enhancing Banking skills specifically for those who want to pursue their career in the field of Banking and Finance. The main reason behind starting this programme is to provide a simple way for the members of the IIBF to get a post-graduate academic qualification because before this IGNOU has signed an MoU with IIBF (INDIAN INSTITUTE OF BANKING & FINANCE). IGNOU MBA Programme in Banking and Finance gives a chance to understand banking activities better and with the help of technology, how to promote capabilities and managerial skills of in-service banking professionals. Basically, MBA in (Banking & Finance)  aims at providing quality banking services in future and this year IGNOU is seeking admissions for MBA (Banking & Finance)  for the session 2017.

Admission Procedure

For taking admission into IGNOU MBA in Banking & Finance Programme, a candidate will be required to apply to the concerned Regional Director, in the application form with requisite fee and other documents, like the qualifying certificate of CAIIB. Though, Admission will be given to all the eligible candidates subject to a maximum limit mutually agreed upon between IGNOU and IIBF.
MBA (Banking & Finance)  programme consists of 21 courses which include 11 Basic Courses, 5 Specialisation Courses and 5 Integrative Courses and a Project Course equivalent to two courses. Admissions will be made without any Entrance Test to this programme.

Eligibility Criteria

If you fulfill the eligibility conditions then you can get admission for MBA.

The eligibility criteria for admission to IGNOU’s distance learning MBA and other Management programs are as follows :

You must fulfill all the requirements below to be qualified for admission.

  1. Age Restrictions: There are no age restrictions for admission to IGNOU’s management programs.
  2. You Should be a graduate in any discipline and must have 50% marks for graduation if you are from general category. However, if you belong to the reserved category, then you need to have only 45% marks for graduation. 3 Years managerial or supervisory experience is also required (Experience after graduation).

    You should have a professional degree in Medicine/Engineering/Accountancy/Cost and Works Accountancy/Law/Company Secretaryship. You should also have 50% marks for the degree.
  3. Qualify in Entrance Test: You should be qualified in OPENMAT management aptitude test conducted by IGNOU for admission to management programs.

Eligibility for Foreign Students

If you are a foreigner and  wish to take admission for IGNOU’s  MBA, then you  are required to fulfill all the above criteria and :

  1. You  must have a valid student Visa for the duration of the course.
  2. You will need a clearance from the Ministry of External Affairs/  Human Resource Development Ministry. This procedure will be carried out by the International Division of IGNOU.

Application Forms & Procedure

For getting admission to IGNOU Distance MBA, you have to fill application forms and submit to IGNOU. The application procedure is in two steps:

  1. Applying For Entrance Exam.
  2. Applying For Admission.

You have to fill up and submit two forms as part of the application procedure.

Form 1: Entrance Exam Application Form

The first step in the application procedure is to apply for entrance exam. The form for this is Form 1, which is available with prospectus in a separate envelope and is also downloadable from IGNOU’s website. You can either print the downloaded Form 1 or use the one which came with the Prospectus and Student Handbook. 

How to Fill the Application Form

All the fields are easily understandable from the field names, with the exception of fields 1, 2 and 3.

Field 1: Regional Center Code

Here you have to select Regional Center nearest to you. The list containing the regional centers and their contact information is given in the Student Hand Book and Prospectus. The list of IGNOU Regional Centers is also available here. 

Field 2: Exam/Study Center Code

Select the Study Center most convenient for you to attend. Please note that this is the center where you will be required to attend the counselling sessions for your courses as well as attend the exams for the courses.

The Entrance Test Center allotted  however, may not necessarily be the same as the Study Center of your choice.

The list of study centers can be found in the Appendix 3 of the Prospectus and Student Handbook. After you choose the Study Center, then you have to enter the Code corresponding to the Study Center in the field 2 of the application  form.

Field 3: State Code

In this field you have to enter the code corresponding to the State of your residence. The State Codes can be found in the Appendix 4 of the Prospectus.

The rest of the fields are easy to fill and easily understandable.

Please take care to provide the correct details, otherwise the application forms would be rejected by IGNOU.

The filled in application forms must be submitted at the address:

Registrar SED,
Block 12 IGNOU,
Maidan Garhi
New Delhi – 110 068

Also make sure that the application form reaches there on or before the last date by Speed Post or Registered Post.

Form 2: Admission Application Forms

After you have qualified in the entrance exam, you can apply for admission for Distance MBA from IGNOU. For applying for admission you have to use FORM 2 available with the prospectus.

How to Fill the Application Form 2

Almost all the details to be filled in the IGNOU MBA admission application form is easy to understand. The details of the fields which might confuse some applicants are given below.

Field 4:  Study Centre Code

This is the code for the Study Center from which you would like to attend counselling sessions and other learning activities. This center must be selected in such a way that it is easy for you to attend the weekend counselling sessions on the scheduled dates. The codes for the Study Centers are given in the Appendix 3 of the Prospectus. We have also compiled the list of study centers here.

Field 3: Regional Center Code

This is the code for the Regional Center under which your Study Center is functioning. This is the place where you would be submitting your Admission Application Form, Course Fee and other Documents. The list of the Regional Centers along with their codes are available in the Appendix 2 of the prospectus.

Field 5: State Code

This is the code for your state. The codes for all the States and Union Territories in India are listed in the Appendix 4 of the prospectus. We have also compiled a list of the state codes for IGNOU MBA application.

The other fields are quite easily understandable details like Name, qualification, address etc. Take care to fill the details accurately. Any inaccuracies may result in your application being rejected by IGNOU.

IGNOU Distance MBA Fee Structure – Indian Students & Foreign Students

The Indira Gandhi University has set up different fee structure for learners from India and students from abroad. The detailed information about the distance MBA fee for students from both categories has been summarized below:


  • The fee for each MBA course = Rs.1500/-
  • The total program fee is Rs. 31,500 (Rs. 1,500 x 21 Courses)


 The university has divided foreign students into two different categories i.e. the students from SAARC countries and the foreign students who do not belong to these countries.
  • For SAARC students, the fee per course is double as compared to Indian students i.e. Rs.3000/-. Therefore, the total fee is Rs. 3,000 x 21 = Rs.63,000/-.
  • For students belonging to other Countries, the fee per course is USD 250. So, the total programme fee is USD 350 x 21 = USD 5250

Important Dates

Entrance Exam Application Dates

Entrance exams are conducted twice every year. The important dates of entrance exam for IGNOU correspondence MBA is given below.

Entrance ExamLast Date for the Submission of Application Forms
OPENMAT XL15-07-2016
OPENMAT XLI15-12-2016

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