CS Professional Syllabus for June 2017 & Dec 2017


ICSI has recently announced CS Professional Syllabus for June 2017 and Dec 2017 exam attempts. To get good marks in CS Professional Exam, candidate should have through understanding of latest CS Professional Syllabus  issued by ICSI. We have already provided you the CS Professional registration procedure and CS Professional eligibility criteria for June 2017 and Dec 2017 exams. Get CS Professional Syllabus For June 2017 and Dec 2017 | Download PDF. In the coming article, we will provide you the CS Professional Study Material and Latest Amendments applicable for June 2017 and Dec 2017 attempts. There are three modules in CS Professional. There are three subjects in module 1 i.e. Advanced Company Law and Practice, Secretarial Audit, Compliance Management and Due Diligence, Corporate Restructuring, Valuation and Insolvency. Three subjects in Module 2 i.e. Information Technology and Systems Audit, Financial, Treasury and Forex Management, Ethics, Governance and Sustainability. Two subjects in module 3 i.e. Advanced Tax Laws and Practice, Drafting, Appearances and Pleadings, and one out of these 5 subjects – Banking Law and Practice, Capital, Commodity and Money Market , Insurance Law and Practice, Intellectual Property Rights – Law and Practice, International Business-Laws and Practices.

CS professional new syllabus subjects are:

Total nine subjects are divided into 3 modules.

Module Subject Marks
Module 1 Advanced Company Law and Practice 100 Marks
Secretarial Audit, Compliance Management and Due Diligence 100 Marks
Corporate Restructuring, Valuation and Insolvency 100 Marks
Module 2 Information Technology and Systems Audit 100 Marks
Financial, Treasury and Forex Management 100 Marks
Ethics, Governance and Sustainability 100 Marks
Module 3 Advanced Tax Laws and Practice
Drafting, Appearances and Pleadings
Electives 1 out of below 5 subjects

CS Professional Syllabus For Advanced Company Law And Practice:

Expert Knowledge level is required. Objective of this is to acquire knowledge of the practical and procedural aspects of the companies act.

Contents of Advanced Company Law and Practice

Company Formation and Conversion, Procedure for Alteration of Memorandum and Articles, Procedure for Issue of Securities, Procedure relating to Membership, Transfer and Transmission, Directors and Managerial Personnel, Meetings, Auditors, Distribution of Profit, Procedure relating to Charges, (Procedure relating to Inter-corporate loans, investments, guarantees and security), Preparation & Presentation of Reports, E- Filing. Striking off Names of Companies, Recent Trends and Developments in Company Law. Trusts and Non-Profit Organization.

Contents of Company Secretary Course Syllabus Secretarial Audit, Compliance Management and Due Diligence

Objective of this cs professional new syllabus of this paper is to acquire knowledge & understand the concepts of secretarial audit and corporate compliance management.

Syllabus of this paper

Part A 25 Marks Part B 75 Marks
  • Secretarial Standards
  • Secretarial Audit
  • Checklist for Secretarial Audit
  • Due Diligence – An Overview
  • Issue of Securities
  • Depository Receipts Due Diligence
  • Merger & Acquisition (M&A) Due Diligence
  • Competition Law Due Diligence
  • Legal Due Diligence
  • Due Diligence for Banks
  • Environmental Due Diligence
  • Search and Status Reports
  • Compliance Management

Contents of Corporate Restructuring, Valuation and Insolvency Paper

Level of knowledge is advanced level. Objective of the paper is to acquire knowledge of legal, procedural, practical aspects of corporate restructuring, valuation & insolvency.

Syllabus of This Paper

Part A – 50 Marks Part B – 30 Marks Part c – 20 Marks
  • Introduction and Concepts
  • Merger and Amalgamation
  • Corporate Demerger and Reverse Merger
  • Takeover
  • Funding of Merger and Takeover
  • Financial Restructuring
  • Post-Merger Reorganization
  • Case Studies
  • Introduction
  • Valuation Techniques
  • Regulatory and Taxation Aspects
  • Valuations for Different Strategies
  • Introduction
  • Revival, Rehabilitation and Restructuring of Sick Companies
  • Securitization and Debt Recovery
  • Winding Up
  • Cross Border Insolvency

Contents of CS syllabus Information Technology and Systems Audit Paper:

Company professional Syllabus Objective of this paper is to acquire knowledge of information technology law, information systems and systems audit.

CS Syllabus of the paper

Information Technology Law, Information Systems, Computer Hardware – An Overview, Computer Software – An Overview, Database Management, Programming – An overview, Internet and Other Technologies, Management Information Systems – An Overview, Enterprise Resource Management, E-Governance in India, Systems Audit – An Overview.

Contents of company Professional course syllabus FINANCIAL, TREASURY AND FOREX MANAGEMENT Paper:

Nature and Scope of Financial Management, Capital Budgeting, Capital Structure, Cost of Capital, Financial Services, Project Finance, Dividend Policy, Working Capital, Security Analysis and Portfolio Management, Derivatives and Commodity Exchanges- An Overview, Treasury Management, Forex Management, Practical Problems and Case Studies.


See below for cs professional syllabus of this ethics, governance and sustainability paper below. This is of two parts.

Part – A 70 Marks Part – B 30 Marks
  • Introduction
  • Ethical Principles in Business
  • Conceptual Framework of Corporate Governance
  • Board Effectiveness – Issues and Challenges
  • Board Committees
  • Legislative Framework of Corporate Governance in India
  • Legislative Framework of Corporate Governance – An International Perspective
  • Risk Management and Internal Control
  • Corporate Governance and Shareholder Rights
  • Corporate Governance and Other Stakeholders
  • Corporate Governance Forums
  • Sustainability
  • Corporate Sustainability Reporting Frameworks
  • Legal Framework, Conventions, Treaties on Environmental and Social Aspects
  • Principle of Absolute Liability – Case Studies
  • Contemporary Developments – Integrated Reporting.

Contents of cs new syllabus ADVANCED TAX LAWS AND PRACTICE Paper:

Level of knowledge is advanced knowledge. ICSI Syllabus of this paper is

Part A 30 Marks Part B 70 Marks
  • Taxation of Individual Entities, Partnership, LLP, Companies.
  • International Taxation Covering Taxation of Non Resident Entities, Advance Ruling, Transfer Pricing, Direct tax Avoidance Agreement.
  • Case studies and Practical Problems covering Advance Tax Planning relating to Companies and Business Entities.
  • Introduction
  • Central Excise Laws
  • Customs Laws
  • Promissory Estoppel in Fiscal Laws
  • Tax Planning and Management
  • Goods and Service Tax (GST) – Concept and Developments
  • Background, Concept and Mechanism of VAT, Classification, Invoicing, Exemption, Returns, Refunds, Demands, Appeals, Revisions, Liability under VAT
  • Set off and Composition Scheme, Computation of VAT, Assessment, VAT on Works Contract, Right to use Property, Rate of Tax, Procedural Aspects including Registration, Preparation and Filing of E-Returns, Audit and Appearances

Contents of cs new syllabus DRAFTING, APPEARANCES AND PLEADINGS Paper:

General Principles of Drafting and Relevant Substantive Rules, Drafting and Convincing relating to Various Deeds and Agreements, Drafting of Agreements under the Companies Act, Pleadings, Appearances, Compounding of Offences, Practical Exercises.

We hope that above provided CS professional Syllabus for June 2017 and December 2017 with Subject wise topics and details helps  you in getting good understanding of CS professional exam. Read it as many no of times before starting preparation for CS professional exam. Still if you have any doubts or questions about CS professional Syllabus, you can directly ask us by mentioning in below comment section.

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