CMA Intermediate Best Reference books for June 2017 & Dec 2017


CMA Intermediate Reference books for June 2017 & Dec 2017 | CMA Intermediate Suggested books for CMA Intermediate exam preparation. ICMAI has Recommended some books to CMA Intermediate Students. CMA Intermediate is second step to become a Certified Management Accountant. These are the best reference books for CMA Intermediate exam preparation. We had already given CMA Intermediate Study Material [Updated]. CMA Intermediate recommended books are very useful to the students while preparing for CMA Intermediate Examination. The List of Books are given according to the paper-wise. The list of suggested readings has been classified into two categories, viz. (i) Readings; and (ii) References.

Always, CMA Institution ICAI Study material is the Best Suggested Book for CMA Inter Preparation

CMA Intermediate Reference books

The books suggested for readings cover a substantial portion of the syllabus. The Institute’s publications have also been included under the Readings/References. In some papers, the subject being very vast, it is not possible to recommend one book, and, therefore, students are advised to read a separate book for each functional area in these papers.

CMA Intermediate Suggested books | Recommended by ICMAI For June 2017 & Dec 2017

Paper 5: Financial Accounting

Hanif and Mukherjee

shukla & grewal


singhania & singhania

Paper 6: Laws, Ethics & Governance

Munish Bhandari




Paper 7: Direct Taxation

Sighania & Singhania


Girish Ahuja

T.N. Manoharan


Paper 8: Cost Accounting & Financial Management

P. C. Tulsiyan

M. N. Arora


Sultan Chand

Paper 9: Operation Management & Information Systems

Arun Kumar

C Chand

T. N Manohar

Paper 10: Cost & Management Accountancy

P. C. Tulsiyan

Alok Agarwal and Mridu Agarwal

Paper 11: Indirect Taxation

Mohd.Rafi / Bharat



Paper 12: Company Accounts & Audit


Surbhi Bhansal

In this article  we provided you the Best CMA Intermediate RECOMMENDED BOOKS by ICMAI. Now you will know what are Best Suggested books for CMA Intermediate Exam Preparation and hope this article will helps you to check the details of CMA Intermediate Reference Books for CMA Exam.

Share this article “CMA Intermediate REFERENCE BOOKS FOR PREPARATION” to your friends who are going to join CMA Intermediate . If you have any doubts while preparing for CMA Intermediate regarding Books, you can ask us via comment box.

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