Case Study

Case Study − 1, Brand: Plantix

Plantix is a Germany based plant disease detection app for farmers and gardening enthusiasts. The brand wanted to reach target customers in rural areas. Our campaign consisted of 4 top influencers in the niche who could influence opinion and make a wider reach possible. We tailored the campaign to add a sense of social responsibility in giving back and sharing the good work with the farming community. (Image of Racha Ravi with stats highlighted) The campaign was a phenomenal success on social media and messaging platforms. Social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook & YouTube were used to reach out to the audience. The videos from the campaign received millions of views and thousands of shares.

More than 6 million+ reach was achieved with this campaign. This also resulted in numerous app downloads and great brand awareness among the target consumers.

From the Client

Case Study - 2, Brand: Smartsites

Smartsites (Previously [email protected]) is a Hyderabad based app for discovering great offers and deal nearby whilst helping the small and medium sized businesses thrive in the digital ecosystem. Brand awareness and reach to target audience in metros was key goal for this brand. We executed a campaign with a top YouTube influencer with reach in metro area. We integrated the content into the YouTuber’s own script and showcased the app with a tinge of humour. The campaign was well received by audience and the video ranked in #7 position of YouTube trending for 3 days.

The campaign not only resulted in social media views but also turned into a positive business for brand. The user acquisition cost was reduced by 80% and resulted in 550K+ views. The campaign achieved more than target app downloads, views, reach and good word of mouth.

From the Client

Case Study - 3, Brand: QBucks

Qbucks is a rewards platform that offers users deals and cash in return for answering questions of their videos. The innovative start-up needed a special way of marketing the many features on its platform. Our team handpicked a popular YouTube & Instagram influencer to run the campaign to explain a lot of information in a single video. The video content was a mix of current atmosphere in the country in a humorous way with the app. The video became a runaway hit and ranked in #8 position of YouTube trending for 2 days.

More than 300K users found out about the new app and a large number installed and tried the app themselves. The user acquisition cost for the brand came down by 90% and the engagement rate on the app increase by 100%

From the Client

Case Study - 4, Brand: Fasdeal

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